The Master Craftsman – sample script

The Master Craftsman – sample script


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The Cast: 6
The Set: Simple one set, very flexible
Approximate Length: 1 act, 20 min.

A Value Worth Holding:

Based upon John Galsworthy’s classic 1912 short story “Quality,” the Master Craftsman is a charming character study of a 19th century English gentleman’s reminiscences of an elderly, seemingly eccentric boot maker, Mr. Gessler.

Gessler is painstaking in his craft, not because he is a “work-aholic,” but because he seeks to please that all important audience of one, God. This inspirational drama illustrates doing one’s work “heartily unto the Lord” is a value worth holding.


(In Order of Appearance)

The Storyteller

The Little Boy

Mr. Gessler

The Father

The Young Man

The New Clerk


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