pinocchio drama script

The Cast:

20 or more

The Set:

Flexible; elaborate or simple as desired

Approximate Length:

2 acts, 90 min

Musical Magic For All Ages:

Follow the fanciful flights of kindly old Gepetto and join him on a poignant pursuit for a son to love and call his own. Transport audiences to Old Italy while the familiar characters of the Carlo Collodi classic tale pop out of the family story book. Encounter a world of whimsy along the cobblestone streets that lead to Gepetto’s toy shop all the way to the loony landscape of Pleasure Island as Pinocchio desperately seeks to learn right from wrong. A fun musical for all ages.


(In Order of Appearance)

Cricky Enchanted Cricket Offering Bumbling Guidance; British

Lorenzini A Crafty Showman and Cruel Puppetmaster

Geppetto A Kindly Woodcarver Who Makes Puppets and Toys

Fluff Geppetto’s Pet Cat

Muff Geppetto’s Pet Dog

Pinocchio A Puppet Who Comes to Life

Angelina A Heavenly Messenger Dressed in Dazzling Blue

Lampwick A Naughty Boy and Bad Influence

Thaddeus J. Fox A Conniving Con

Purrella Cat A Conniving Accomplice to Fox

Grimsly An Evil Broker



Villagers and Merchants

Lorenzini’s Puppets and Puppetmasters

School Children/ Naughty Boys and Girls

Sounds of Attila the Whale