esther theater play script musical

The Cast:

16 or more

The Set:

Simple 1 unit

Approximate Length:

2 acts, 80 min

A Dazzling Musical Comedy:

Enjoy a light rendition of a serious story, this all original scripted musical biography of Queen Esther traces amazing true events recorded in the biblical text bearing her name and corresponding with Herodotus’ Histories and the archeological discovery of the Persian palace where Esther rose to prominence.

Audiences will enjoy the fun of “Kabish, Kabosh, Kaboom,” and the excitement of the “Haman-Mordecai Tango,” as well as many other musical numbers. Journey back to Ancient Persia as Esther outwits the evil and treacherous Haman in this hilarious musical-opera adventure.

The biblical book of Esther explodes with rollicking hilarity as the evil Haman schemes to outwit bumbling King Xerxes for control of the Persian empire. With the help of her wise cousin Mordecai, Esther cleverly thwarts Haman’s plot through her inspiring faith and surprising true events.


(In Order of Appearance)

Storyteller The narrator of our tale (Age 18+)
Mordecai Wise cousin and guardian of Esther (Age 40+)
Esther A young woman of strength and virtue (Age 18-25)
Xerxes Bumbling King of Persia (Age 35+)
Haman Evil self-absorbed and greedy schemer  (Age 25-35)
Young Esther Esther as a child (Age 10-12)
Teresh Evil guard plotting to kill the king (Age 18-40)
Vashti Queen of Persia (Age 35+)
Zeresh Wife of Haman (Age 18-35)
Vashti’s Attendant
Jet Set (4 men and 4 women)
Pageant Women (1-8)
Teresh’s Guards (2)
Tango Men (4)
Haman’s Henchmen (8-12)
Various Persians
Various Hebrews