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A Joyous Christmas Special:

scrooge storeimage-squareDicken’s “A Christmas Carol” comes to life! With live music, dazzling choreography, and new surprises combine to celebrate the season. An award-winning musical script for a play adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic tale that will lovingly melt even the hardest of hearts. Seen by many thousands in Southern California, “Scrooge!” is told in a humorous rhyme scheme and features a sparkling, tuneful score with traditional Christmas melodies. 

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Little Women

One of our most popular stories:

Based on the classic 1869 novel by Louisa May Alcott, this original musical poignantly portrays the four “Little Women” of the March family as their lives unfold during the Christmas season and the difficult days of the Civil War. Audiences will experience a full range of emotions accompanied by musical numbers such as, “The Aunt March March,” “We’re Sharing Our Christmas,” and “Marmee’s Lullaby.” Traditional Christmas carols are also woven into the score.

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Unto Us: The Nativity Story

The Greatest Christmas Story of All:

In this, one of our newest musical production scripts you will be joining Mary and Joseph on their journey of faith as they experience the wondrous events leading to Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem. This inspiring new musical celebrates the Christ of Christmas and the true meaning of our Savior’s birth.

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It's a Wonderful Life

A Cherished Christmas Classic:

The beloved cinematic masterpiece comes to life on stage as a delightful family musical glowing with the spirit of the Christmas season. A bumbling wayward angel named Clarence Odbody is selected as the heavenly choice to help George Bailey, a man of unrealized dreams, discover the treasures of family, friends and life itself. Audiences will experience laughter and tears as Clarence struggles to earn his wings amidst hilarious comedy, powerful drama and ten toe-tapping period songs.

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LifeTales Creative Education

We also provide a wide range of educational scripts from our LifeTales Biography series, especially great for any school theater/acting group. These performances tell the stories of such heroic figures as: Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Helen Keller, The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk and more.

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Theater Scripts by Lifehouse Productions

Home for all of your play, musical and theater script needs.

We have scripts for every type of audience and any venue. Our collection of exciting titles is safe for the whole family, and feature messages that teach important life lessons through music, comedy, and drama. Enjoy all types of musical scripts from all of your favorite stories! We have a wide range of fairy tales, literary classics, Christmas musicals, historical and Christian/bible based musicals.

Literary Classics

literaryclassicsWe have an extensive collection of unique, all original Literary Classics. These play scripts tell stories from classic tales such as Heidi, Anne of Green Gables, The Count of Monte Cristo, Pilgrims Progress, Treasure Island, Little Women, The Wizard of Oz and many more. Whether you’re looking for romance, comedy, or drama this collection of scripts will be sure to please any audience. We are certain there is a title in here that you and your audience would enjoy! These are perfect for any production theatre, any acting class or any drama school class.

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Fairy Tale Musicals

fairytalesOur fairy tale musical scripts are some of our most famed, and most loved productions by our audiences. These scripts bring out the dreamer in all of us. With popular original playscripts such as Cinderella, Snow White, The Princess and the Pigs, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and more.

Fun for the whole family is found here. These scripts are perfect for theater, schools or churches. All of our play scripts bring good, moral life lessons to your stage and are safe for all ages.

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Christmas Musicals

christmas‘Tis the season for fun, family and friendship. Our Christmas musical play scripts share some of the most popular Christmas stories such as Scrooge!, It’s a Wonderful Life and Unto Us.

These scripts portray the joy of the Christmas Season coupled with messages of love and laughter. We hope you and your audiences enjoy these timeless Christmas classic musical scripts.

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Biblical Musicals

biblicalOur all original biblical musical scripts include plays, dramas and skits for all ages. Theater audiences find them witty, fun and inspirational. Your audiences are sure to be thrilled by these one of a kind biblical musicals. We have several titles available such as Ruth, Joseph, Esther and Ben-Hur. We are pleased to share these unique script titles with church theater groups, family theaters and christian schools across the United States and around the world.

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Historical Musicals

historicalHere are a couple historical, musical play scripts that focus on a time, place or event in history from a fresh all original perspective. Based on true stories with a little personal twist, the stories told here are especially great for any school theater/acting group.

Titles found here include Helen Keller, The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk and Pocahontas.

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Comedy Musicals

comedyDo you need a good laugh? Then you might be interested in a comedy musical drama script. While most of our productions include some kind of hilarity (funny words for funny scripts), these scripts are for the specific purpose of leaving your audiences laughing.

As with all of our scripts you will find that our comedy musicals have redeeming messages that are safe for the whole family. Laugh it up……

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