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Victor Hugo’s classic masterpiece storms the stage in
this new dramatic play script in the presentation of his
stirring story. Witness the astounding journey of Jean Valjean
as he falls from grace and rises to redemption amidst the amazing
events of nineteenth century France.

Based upon the classic 1862 novel by Victor Hugo (1802 – 1885),
the story created an instant sensation when first published.
In the years since, the 1400-page French volume
has been translated and reproduced countless times.

An All Original Dreams Come True Tale:

This play script is a stirring musical-opera based on the classic 1885 novel by General Lew Wallace, traces the lives of childhood friends, Judah Ben-Hur, son of wealthy Jewish parents, and Messala, son of a distinguished Roman officer. Messala’s ruthless quest for power destroys their friendship when he frames the Hur family as conspirators, sending Judah on a lifelong odyssey. Judah’s astounding encounters with a mysterious Man of Galilee changes his life forever.


A hit musical adaptation of one of best loved fantasy tales, this play features the ever gracious Cinderella, her rollicking rodent companions Max and Mort, kindly Prince Alexander, a giddily goofy Godmother on a heavenly mission and a ballroom full of friendly royal folk eager to welcome audiences to the kingdom. Journey to a fantasy kingdom “once upon a time” as the world’s best-known fairy tale comes to life before your eyes! This hilarious classic script features a sparkling score and fun surprises that will delight all ages.

A Funny Favorite Fairytale

Theater Scripts by Lifehouse Productions

Home for all of your play, musical and theater script needs.

We have scripts for every type of audience and any venue. Our collection of exciting titles is safe for the whole family, and feature messages that teach important life lessons through music, comedy, and drama. Enjoy all types of musical scripts from all of your favorite stories! We have a wide range of fairy tales, literary classics, Christmas musicals, historical and Christian/bible based musicals.

Literary Classics

literaryclassicsWe have an extensive collection of unique, all original Literary Classics. These play scripts tell stories from classic tales such as Heidi, Anne of Green Gables, The Count of Monte Cristo, Pilgrims Progress, Treasure Island, Little Women, The Wizard of Oz and many more. Whether you're looking for romance, comedy, or drama this collection of scripts will be sure to please any audience. We are certain there is a title in here that you and your audience would enjoy! These are perfect for any production theatre, any acting class or any drama school class.

Fairy Tale Musicals

Our fairy tale musical scripts are some of our most famed, and most loved productions by our audiences. These scripts bring out the dreamer in all of us. With popular original playscripts such as Cinderella, Snow White, The Princess and the Pigs, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and more.

Fun for the whole family is found here. These scripts are perfect for theater, schools or churches. All of our play scripts bring good, moral life lessons to your stage and are safe for all ages.

Christmas Musicals

christmas'Tis the season for fun, family and friendship. Our Christmas musical play scripts share some of the most popular Christmas stories such as Scrooge!, It's a Wonderful Life and Unto Us.

These scripts portray the joy of the Christmas Season coupled with messages of love and laughter. We hope you and your audiences enjoy these timeless Christmas classic musical scripts.

Biblical Musicals

biblicalOur all original biblical musical scripts include plays, dramas and skits for all ages. Theater audiences find them witty, fun and inspirational. Your audiences are sure to be thrilled by these one of a kind biblical musicals. We have several titles available such as Ruth, Joseph, Esther and Ben-Hur. We are pleased to share these unique script titles with church theater groups, family theaters and christian schools across the United States and around the world.

Historical Musicals

historicalHere are a couple historical, musical play scripts that focus on a time, place or event in history from a fresh all original perspective. Based on true stories with a little personal twist, the stories told here are especially great for any school theater/acting group.

Titles found here include Helen Keller, The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk and Pocahontas.

Comedy Musicals

comedyDo you need a good laugh? Then you might be interested in a comedy musical drama script. While most of our productions include some kind of hilarity (funny words for funny scripts), these scripts are for the specific purpose of leaving your audiences laughing.

As with all of our scripts you will find that our comedy musicals have redeeming messages that are safe for the whole family. Laugh it up......

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A Song in my Heart – script sample
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A Little Princess – sample script
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Abraham Lincoln – sample script
aladdin - square
Aladdin – abridged version – sample script
alexander graham bell storeimage-square
Alexander Graham Bell – sample script
anne of avonlea storeimage-square
Anne of Avonlea – sample script
anne of green gables storeimage-square
Anne Of Green Gables – sample script
Beauty and the Beast – sample script
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Ben-Hur – sample script
cinderella storeimage-square
Cinderella – sample script
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Clara Barton – sample script
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